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Proven record of at least 50 eCommerce sales in the past 30 days
A cool new product that you have developed. Not dropshipping.
Physical product. Not an e-book or courses or SaaS, etc.
Full time job at eCommerce
Average order value is over $40



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Ready to be the next $1 Billion DTC brand?

Ready to be the next $1 Billion DTC brand?

We invest in and scale your DTC brands exponentially to that 10-figure milestone.

How it works

What Happens When We Become Your Investor Partner

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Secured the 
Required Capital

Secured the Required Capital

Unlike traditional holding companies who only see E-commerce brands as dollars and try to get as much equity as possible, we invest in your startup in such a way that allows you to keep growing.

We've bootstrapped zero to hero so many times that we know your numbers better than you.

Get From Zero to 
10-Fig Hero

Get From Zero to 10-Fig Hero

At this point, after you have the cash, usually you'll be on your own pulling hair and trying to figure the DTC game. However, when you're funded by us, not only you get money (which is awesome) but you also join our family and we help you step by step in growing and scaling your business into 8, 9, or 10-fig E-commerce brand.

Why it's better together

Why it's better together
Cloud 1 Cloud 2 Cloud 3 Cloud 4 Cloud 5

It's ok, we've all been there. We know exactly what it takes to scale your E-commerce brand.

Our expertise:

Paid advertising
Content marketing
Product design
Mechanical engineering

Isn't it much better for your business to get funded today and reach $100M or $1B in evaluation within 5 years or less, instead of wasting 25 years of trial and errors, all by yourself?

Is't it much better for your business


Founders are nurtured, not born

Unlike other investors, Roxtaw does not perform "fire-and-forget" investing. Rather, we provide continual and practical support to help you achieve the mastery of trade.


What our Founders say

Eino Nieminen


The toughest call I had to make was to pass on equity, especially when we already had some sales. But once you start scaling you realize what they mean by saying “If you want to run fast, run alone. If you want to run far, run together”. The partnership with ROXTAW gave me an unfair advantage in the eCommerce game.

Oliver Singh


4 years in behaviour economics equals 4 hours with Roxtaw's team. The way they understand our target audience is worth everything. After the first call we got back to work like an excited 16yro filled with revolutionary ideas. They’ve invested in our company, but it always felt like we own their shares.

Chris Duncan


When we first met with Roxtaw's team we were already generating over $1M a month, and zero investors. We were looking for new ways to expand our business and obviously, we thought of selling offline. Luckily, they’ve explained to us that $1M/mo isn’t a fraction of our DTC online potential and we shouldn’t give those distributors all our margins. Yes, it was a though one to pass on equity, but if you’re aiming for the trophy, you need to share prize.